Plumbers Inundated With Calls About Frozen Pipes

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As the stretch of brutal cold continues, freezing pipes is a major problem across Southern Colorado, and that is keeping local plumbers busy around the clock.

The experts tell 11 News to open the cabinet doors underneath the sink to allow heat to get to the pipes. Keep them open during the day as well, since it's not warming up much in the daytime.

It's just one simple step that could save people a lot of money and a big headache.

Loma Jackson is the branch manager at Pacific Supply in Colorado Springs.

When she got to work Friday morning, the pipes were frozen.

"There was no water in the bathrooms, which was just horrible," said Jackson.

Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also lead to bigger problems.

"If they break, they're going to cause damage," said Larry McNabb, a service technician with Olson Plumbing and Heating.

Over the last three days, the company has received more than 120 calls for service.

McNabb tells 11 News that has led to some long days for him during this cold snap.

"I started at 6 yesterday morning. I got home at 8 last night," said McNabb.

He's been busy responding to calls just like at Pacific Supply. In this situation, he hooks up a machine to thaw the pipes, and in about ten minutes the water is flowing again.

McNabb says another thing you can do to prevent frozen pipes is run your faucets. Keep in mind that just dripping them won't work. McNabb says a good flow is needed to keep the pipes from freezing.

If your pipes are frozen, turn off the water right away with the main shut-off valve for your home.