Plumber Arrested For Allegedly Stealing From The Elderly

Police have arrested a man accused of stealing from elderly clients while working as a plumber.

Jared Miller, 20, has been arrested on charges of crimes against at-risk adults and false information to a pawnbroker.

While in his clients' homes, police say Miller stole jewelry and prescription drugs.

After an officer recovered a necklace that the alleged thief pawned off, police prepared a search warrant in hopes of recovering more stolen items. At this time, prescription drugs have been recovered, but additional jewelry has not yet been found.

We talked to one expert on how we can all protect ourselves.

Jennifer Yoneoka works from home running her own business, Association Management Source LLC, a home management company. She deals with businesses and contractors every day.

She said keep an eye on what they're doing, and where they are in your home. Even a simple request could be a red flag.

"Any vendors asking to use my restroom would be a red flag, it's just a little scary to me they could have stopped before they can take a break and come back. I would never put prescription medication in my bathroom I would store them someplace safe when someone else is inside my home," Yoneoka said.

She told 11 News, the key to staying safe and protected, is getting the credentials from not only the business you're working with, but the people they send to your home as well.

“If they let their Secretary of State annual business report expire and they’re delinquent, you don’t want those people in your home. It’s not worth it, it’s not worth the savings, and that’s why they’re charging less,” Yoneoka said.

Other things to keep in mind, don't leave your valuables out and put jewelry away. Follow workers from room to room, so they don't have a chance to check things out. Also, tell your neighbors when the job is done so no one should expect to see any contractor vehicles or workers around your home.

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