Phone Scam Appears To Be Targeting AT&T Customers

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There is a scam going around Southern Colorado and it seems to be targeting AT&T customers.

People are led to believe they are getting a discount on their phone bill, but it's actually a ploy to get their personal information.

A Colorado Springs mom tells 11 News her teenage daughter got a text message that said she could get 28 percent off next month's bill. To get the discount, she just had to click on the link in the text and log in.

The teen clicked on the link and says it looks just like an actual AT&T page; however the site asked for her Social Security number. That was a major red flag for the family, so they didn't proceed.

A spokesperson for AT&T tells 11 News this is an example of a phishing scam, also known as brand spoofing.

These crooks send emails and text messages that look like they're from well-known companies to try to get your passwords and financial information.

The spokesperson says AT&T won't send you a message, asking for personal information like a social security number or credit card number.

If you have any concerns about a text or email that you get, do not open it.

Call AT&T directly, using the number on your statement, to see if you are actually eligible for a discount.

You can report suspicious calls and text messages to AT&T. Just forward the message to ">>