2 Families Escape House Fires

Two families in eastern El Paso County were jolted out of bed as smoke and flames encroached on their homes.

The first fire ignited shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday at 5925 Coyote Lane. Flames engulfed the home, but the Ellicott Fire Department quickly knocked the flames down. Neighboring fire departments also assisted in the fight including Calhan, Falcon and Peyton fire departments.

There were no injuries in this fire; Ellicott Fire Department says everyone got out in time. The home was destroyed by the fire, and the family also lost a vehicle and personal belongings.

Given the windy conditions, crews were initially concerned that the fire would spread to the surrounding grass areas. Neighbors around the home had be evacuated. Firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading beyond the home.

A few miles away, a second fire started around 4 a.m. on 22025 Judge Orr. A family of three, including a 12-year-old girl, were able to escape in time, but their home was completely destroyed.

The cause of both fires are still under investigation. John Scorsille, the Incident Commander for the Ellicott Fire Department, says this is a good time to get your home ready for the winter weather.

“Everybody should take this as an opportunity to check your heating systems and check the flues on your wood burning fireplaces,” Scorsille said, stressing that the origin of the fire is still unknown, but this is the season for heating related fires.