Lockdown Lifted at Penrose Main Hospital

penrose swat 6/20

The lockdown at Penrose Main Hospital has been lifted.

Police were sent to the hospital Thursday evening after someone inside a nearby medical building thought they heard gunshots, prompting evacuations and a lockdown in the building and at the hospital. The nearby area, including Nevada Avenue, was also shut down.

Police surrounded the medical building with their guns drawn, then searched room by room looking for a potential shooter. They didn't find anyone, and eventually let everyone go home.

11 News talked to Tracie Broome, an employee who works on the first floor and was inside when police arrived.

"We got away from the windows, got behind the front desk, called outside to find out what was going on outside and literally waited for the police to knock on the door."

Police say even though it turned out to be nothing, they take these calls very seriously.