Russian Law May Prohibit American Adoption

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A family in Colorado Springs wants to adopt a Russian child, and may not get to with a law that passed with President Vladimir Putin's signature. Josh and Sarah Wells have been in the adoption process for 2 years. They've been wanting to expand their family of five and give an orphan a better life.

"They're just institutionalized, it's not like the foster care system here, "said Sarah Wells. "They have very little attention, they desperately need an actual home."

The Wells first worked with Russian orphans during a high school mission trip. Now, their wish to bring a child to America is on hold because of political bickering. An American law meant to punish Russians accused of human rights violations is being met by a proposal to ban Americans from adopting Russian children. Children and expectant families are caught in the middle.

"Anytime that's delayed it hurts, but not nearly as much as those further in the process of knowing and identifying with a child they've already seen," said Josh Wells.

The Wells’ formal request to adopt is already in the hands of the Russian government, which may mean the process could still go forward.

"I get what's going on in their minds, I just think it's taking it too far in a political realm," said Sarah.

President Putin says he has no reason not to sign the bill into law. The Wells hope lawmakers find a diplomatic solution before Putin makes a final decision.