Pedestrian To Be Ticketed After Being Hit By Car

A man is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car late Tuesday night.

But police say the pedestrian--and not the driver--will be the one facing charges.

According to police, the pedestrian was jaywalking when he crossed 8th Street, walking right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. As the one allegedly at fault, 53-year-old Charles Sutter will be ticketed.

Police stress that the reason jaywalking is illegal is because it is so dangerous to pedestrians and drivers alike. Officers tell 11 News that when people jaywalk, it increases the chances of auto-pedestrian accidents because drivers aren't expecting to see people in the middle of the road as they would in a crosswalk.

In Sutter's case, he was lucky, and only sustained non-life threatening injuries. But in some cases, jaywalking can prove deadly. One such case was a hit-and-run accident on June 19, when a woman was killed after being hit while crossing the street mid-block.

Police tell 11 News jaywalking is against the law because they want to keep people safe.