'Pay Your Bill Or Else': Woman Receives Frightening Scam Call

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A new scam has been making the rounds in Southern Colorado.

People have reported receiving a call instructing them to pay an overdue bill, or be arrested in a matter of hours.

11 News reporter Mecca Rayne spoke with one woman who got the call and nearly fell for it.

Debra Coolidge says she picked up the phone and nearly panicked when she was told to pay a bill from 10 years ago or else.

"They said, 'The person we are looking for is Debra Coolidge,'" Coolidge recalled.

Coolidge said the caller informed her that she owed nearly $1,000 for a 10-year-old phone bill.

"She claimed that I have very little time, and that a sheriff would be at my door. She made it seem like I would go to jail if I didn't give her my credit card over the phone."

Coolidge, who is on disability, says it was almost too much for her to handle.

"I have two heart defects. I almost had a freaking heart attack."

The scammer called her three times. Coolidge reached out to her sister, who assured her it was a scam.

"I called police, and that's when they told me how many people are getting the same phone call from these people."

Looking back, Debra says there are some red flags during the call. The scammer didn't have an exact date of the overdue bill, and often changed the date. The scammer also didn't have Coolidge's correct address.

If you ever have a funny feeling about a phone call, just call police.