Parole Audits Show Widespread, Fundamental Errors

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DENVER (AP) -- A newspaper's review of about 2,000 audits dating to the beginning of 2011 reveals Colorado parole officers committed fundamental supervision errors in more than 60 percent of the cases they handled.

The Denver Post reports auditors found officers failed to respond appropriately to parole violations about 30 percent of the time.

Officers also reportedly failed to complete a behavioral and supervision plan in nearly 22 percent of cases and adhere to contact standards, including required visits to parolees' homes, nearly 32 percent of the time.

They also reportedly failed to conduct risk assessments to identify parolee weaknesses or hold initial office visits with parolees nearly 20 percent of the time and didn't respond to all telephone calls from or about parolees in 6 percent of cases.

The Post reports that, overall, 60 percent of the audits contained at least one of these failures.