Parked Car Blocks Gate At Gold Camp Road, Slows Emergency Crews

Emergency responders were delayed in getting to an injured woman on the Seven Bridges Trail Friday because someone blocked the only route available for emergency vehicles.

The 51-year-old woman was with a group of almost a dozen other hikers and two dogs late Friday morning when she broke her ankle coming down a hill. She was three-fourths of a mile up the trail when the accident happened.

Seven Bridges Trail is accessible off of the closed portion of Gold Camp Road. Vehicles are prohibited from accessing that stretch of road; the gate is only meant to be opened for emergency vehicles. There is a large parking lot separating the open and closed sections of Gold Camp Road; emergency responders say that instead of utilizing one of several available spots, someone parked right in front of the gate.

"It did delay the response," one official told 11 News, explaining it hindered their efforts at getting the right amount of people and right amount of equipment to the injured hiker.

"It's important for people to realize when they block a gate like this, if someone does need medical attention it just slows down all of the responders."

Had the woman's injuries been life-threatening, the driver's actions would have been more than just inconvenient for the responders.