Parents Upset Over School District's Reaction To Fire

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Tonight we're getting reaction from a school district after students were evacuated for a fire this morning.

Parents told us they were kept in the dark about a fire at their children's school.

KKTV 11 News reporter Karen Morfitt, talked to some parents about their concerns and tonight.

The district says their first priority is the safety of their students and that their notification may have been delayed for some.

News of the fire hit first on social media and parents had questions before the district's own alert even went out.

Parents rushed to pick up their children as soon as word spread about a fire at Evans Elementary.

"The alarm went off and we were all out for a long time and everyone was just worried," says student Cameron Hines.

Some parents showed up at the school looking for their children. Everyone was gone, some got angry.

"This is what happens when teachers and principals don't tell parents what's happening," says Keith Aeillo, the father of a student at the school . "When I knew my son was okay I was relieved ...but I was upset."

A district spokeperson told us students and teachers were immediately evacuated and moved to Sand Creek High School.

"When the information came into the communications office multiple measures were being taken to make sure parents were being notified," a school official says. "Unfortunately there can be a delay in the auto dial and some parents may have heard it on social media first and panicked and not had the entire we apologize."

Some parents say they're frustrated they weren't notified sooner, but relieved that everyone is ok.

That D-49 spokesperson told us their first priority is making sure everyone is safe.

Their next priority is letting parents know what's happening. Today that led to some of the frustration from parents.