Parents Credit Teacher For Saving Students Lives In Tornado

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Parents credit a teacher with saving their kids lives at one of the elementary schools in Oklahoma City.

The scene was chaos at Briarwood Elementary where parents tried to find their kids after the tornado hit.

Parents say a third grade teacher took students into a closet and shielded them with her arms as the tornado collapsed the roof and started lifting kids upward. The pull was so strong it tore the glasses off their faces.

Even the President praised the teacher today.

"So our prayers are with the people of Oklahoma today," President Obama said earlier today. "Our gratitude is with the teachers who gave their all to shield their children, with the neighbors, first responders, and emergency personnel who raced to help as soon as the tornado passed, and with all of those who as darkness fell searched for survivors through the night."

The fire chief in Moore, Oklahoma says he's 98 percent sure there are no more survivors or bodies to recover. He says they will check each property three times to be sure.