Parents Create Petition To Recall Principal

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PUEBLO, Colo. Parents from Ben Franklin Elementary School are angry about how the school is punishing its students. They stood outside of the school Thursday asking other parents to sign a petition to recall the principal.

The parents involved with the recall attempt say when students are being punished at school, they are forced to spend the entire day in the special needs classroom. The parents feel that isn't right to single out the special needs classroom as a discipline room for misbehaving students.

For weeks, parents say they've been meeting in private to talk about the issue. They finally took to the streets Thursday to get other parents on board by signing a petition to recall the principal.

David Fuentes is a parent at that school.

"I was very upset yesterday when I heard the stories of a second grader going as punishment and a fifth grader," he told 11 News.

Pueblo City Schools says they're investigating the incident. They say when students serve an in-school suspension, they are supervised inside a classroom that has the most room available.

District officials say if a student was sent to serve in-school suspension in a special needs classroom, it's because there was room there.

We're told 30-40 parents are going to the school district's office Friday to show the administration the petition. We'll let you know what happens.