Parents Concerned Over Drivers Speeding Through School Zones

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, some parents are concerned that drivers are not slowing down in school zones.

Students are back at school in District 49, which means the yellow lights are flashing to warn drivers to slow down to 20 mph in those school zones.

11 News took a radar gun to a the school zone near Odyssey Elementary, not far from Barnes and Charlotte on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

Our crew found a handful of people going almost 10 mph over the speed limit.

We spoke with some moms who say they are worried about drivers speeding in this area.

"Slow down be aware. Sometimes kids don't pay attention," said Lacey Haring.

"We drive through these zones and don't pay any attention all summer long and then school starts really early this year. So not just here, but all over the place, watch where you're going and be mindful of what's around you," said Amber Gaer.

A school crossing guard tells 11 News that the first day of school is always troublesome.

"I've been out here a couple of times the first day of school and if you watch you'll see there is quite a few of them that forget and then they see us or they see the kids and they slow down, some don't. But the first day is hard cause it's not been running all summer long," said crossing guard Tamara Luedtke.

A spokesperson for Colorado Springs Police Department tells 11 News that they are aware of when each school district starts, and there are officers out keeping a close eye on school zones to see if drivers are speeding.

If you get a speeding ticket the fine is $10 per mile over the limit, however, in a school zone that amount is doubled. It's also an automatic court appearance.