Parents Concerned After Student Brings Pocketknife to School

Some parents are concerned about the safety of their students after an incident at Soaring Eagles Elementary School near Hancock and Chelton in the Springs.

A letter sent out to parents the school explains how a student brought a Swiss Army Pocket Knife to School Monday in order to show it off to his friends.

The student was reported for having it, but before he made it to the principal’s office he hid the knife in the hallway. School officials say he was afraid he was going to get in trouble, that’s why he hid it.

The letter was warning parents about what happened and asked them to check their kid's backpacks for the missing knife.

“It was really scary that a child brought, a 5th grader brought a knife to school. My initial reaction was “Oh my gosh, not here now”. I just felt fear, anger, questions,” said Sindi Blanchette.

Blanchette is the mother of a 5th grader who goes to the school. She was afraid to even send her daughter to school Tuesday, knowing the knife was accounted for.

“The fact that the knife is possibly still at the school, or on someone’s possession in the school, is very concerning. It could get into the wrong hands, somebody could harm somebody else. I’d like for the knife to be found,” said Blanchette.

We talked with the school district and found out the knife was recovered late on Monday, after the letter went out to parents, and was disposed of properly.

Parents tell 11 News while they were thankful to get a letter from the school outlining what happened, they say it left them with more questions than answers.

“What type of punishment happened to the boy that brought it to school? Were the police called? They didn’t really give us a whole lot of information and as parents I think we have a right to know,” said Blanchette.

The school district says this was a good learning opportunity for students and that school officials talked to each class about the dangers of having a knife like that, and why they should always report it if they see one at school.

The district is still deciding if the boy will face any type of punishment for bringing the knife to school, but say the boy never intended to harm or threaten anybody. He found it at a dentist office, put it in his pocket, and brought it to school to show his friends.

The school district says parents should get an updated letter explaining how they found the knife. They also tell us they have strict protocols they follow to ensure the safety of their students.