Palmer Lake Votes No On Recreational Pot Sales

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Palmer Lake voters have voted against allowing the sale of recreational marijuana within city limits.

By voting the measure down, Manitou Springs remains the only town in El Paso County to allow recreational pot sales. The Manitou Springs City Council voted in January.

Palmer Lake Town Clerk Tara Berreth said a record number of voters have turned out for the election. The measure failed by 57 votes (538 to 481).

Voters 11 News talked to were outspoken about the topic.

"I think it will do the town a lot of good. I think people can be as responsible as they want to be. And you know, why should anybody be limited?" said Lettie Ogle.

"I think Palmer Lake is off the beaten path so it doesn't get much traffic besides from Palmer Lake residents. The revenue is needed and it's a good way to help bring it into the town," said Robert Salvatori.

Others who are against the vote said they wanted to preserve the "sleepy little town," and its charm.

You can view all the results by clicking here.

Also Tuesday night, Mayor Nikki McDonald was re-elected by voters. Cindy Allen, Richard Kuehster, Trish Flake, Jennifer Martin, Paul Banta and John Russell were voted to the Board of Trustees.