Packages Stolen From Mailbox

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Many of us order items online and anxiously wait for them to arrive.

Debra Escalante contacted 11 News after she says she discovered someone had been stealing her mail and most importantly, her packages.

Her husband bought two different items from Ebay and Amazon for their anniversary and after several days, those items never came, or so she thought.

She got online and tracked the items and found out that they had not only arrived in Colorado but they had been delivered.

Escalante talked to her mailman and says he recalls putting one package in the mailbox and the other at the base of the mailbox.

She contacted authorities and The Unites States Postal Service to make them aware of the thefts.

We talked to a spokesperson for the Postal Service who says Escalante did the right thing and that anyone who experiences mail theft should do the same.

We did check with Lowes and they have a mailbox for sell that you can lock. It's about $100.

The mail person simply drops the mail in the top box and a key must be used to open it and get the items out.

It may be worth it to anyone concerned about mail or identity theft.