Police: Texting Causes Rollover Accident

Police say the driver of an SUV crashed and rolled his vehicle while texting on a residential street.

It happened in a neighborhood near North Carefree and Oro Blanco in Colorado Springs Tuesday evening.

Nobody was hurt, but police say the driver was texting when he a blue truck and a motorcycle, which were both parked on the street.

The owner of the vehicles, Edward Grover, tells 11 News that just a few minutes before the crash some kids were playing nearby. He says even though his vehicles are damaged, they can be replaced.

"We had kids over here visiting from across the street, and I mean, they left two minutes before he turned the corner, so what's to say he was texting and hit one of them, that's our concern," Grover said.

He's hoping everyone driver will learn from this crash and pay closer attention while on the road.

"I would like people to be conscious enough to know that when you're behind the wheel, you're behind the wheel of a vehicle that's moving, not in front of a cell phone, or an electronic DVD player that's strapped to the ceiling, let's get it right," Grover said.

The 26-year-old driver is now facing careless driving charges.