Owner Who Made Up Story About Puppy Sentenced

The owner of a 4-month-old puppy was handed a deferred sentence today for allegedly not taking action to save her life.

Instead of trying to save his puppy, Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) says Jordan Bellows, a Fort Carson soldier waited until the next day, then concocted a story about witnessing the puppy being thrown from a window, portraying himself as the Good Samaritan who found her.

On April 19, Bellows rushed the dying puppy to Humane Society, claiming to have rescued her after she was abandoned on Garden of the Gods Road. The veterinary staff worked for hours to save the puppy's life, but ultimately could not. The surgery center says it was able to manage the puppy's pain, but the internal injuries were too severe.

ALE began searching the area for the suspect vehicle, as well as putting out an alert and asking the public for help.

But when officers told Bellows they had reached out to the media for help finding the suspect -- he admitted to making the story up.

According to the Humane Society, Bellows confessed that he had actually found his dog in serious condition the night before. Zoey was in his backyard, struggling to breathe. Bellows said he didn't know what had happened to her, but waited until morning before taking her to the Humane Society for treatment.

A necropsy performed on Zoey did not shed light on what caused her death. Bellows was charged with animal neglect, a class 1 misdemeanor, because he did not seek treatment for his dog -- despite the severity of her condition.

“Animal Law Enforcement investigators worked tirelessly to determine what caused Zoey's death; however the facts and evidence obtained through the investigation were inconclusive,” said Director of Animal Law Enforcement Joe Stafford in a statement released by the Humane Society after Bellows was charged in May.

“Investigators were able to confirm that Zoey had sustained life-threatening injuries sometime on April 18 and that Bellows became aware of her serious condition but failed to provide care that could have saved her life or, at a minimum, alleviated her suffering.”

If you pet is sick or injured, ALE urges you to seek immediate veterinary care. If you can't afford it, many places will offer a financing program to alleviate the cost.