Overnight Arson Investigation In Springs Neighborhood

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Police say someone tried to light a home on fire overnight in a neighborhood north of Woodmen near Austin Bluffs. Investigators are still looking for a suspect.

The Fire Department was called to the house in the 7900 block of Manston Drive at 11 p.m. Tuesday. When they got on scene, flames were climbing up the front of the garage. Crews quickly knocked the fire out, limiting the damage to the garage door. A man and woman were home at the time; neither were injured.

Once arson investigators took a look at the scene, they determined the fire was started from a pile of burned envelopes near the base of the garage door.

Right now police tell us they have no leads on a suspect and haven't seen any kind of arson pattern in the area. They believe this was a random crime.

If you have any information that can help police track down the person responsible for this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.