Out of State Fires Send Smell Of Smoke, Haze Into Southern Colorado

Many people in southern Colorado woke up Monday to the smell of smoke and thick haze in the air, prompting a flood of emergency calls.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office sent out an alert via Facebook saying the smoke is likely from the fires burning in Arizona, and asked people to only call 911 if they see flames.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says fire departments in Monument, Black Forest, Falcon and Ute Pass areas have received calls, but those fire districts did not locate any fires. The sheriff's office says they are still documenting and investigating calls as needed in case a fire does break out, but so far smoke appears to be from fires in neighboring states.

The Huerfano County Sheriff's Office sent out a similar alert saying people across the county are reporting the smell of smoke and haze. They also say the smoke is likely coming from the Arizona fires. They request people call 911 if they see a "defined column of smoke" or flames.

In Custer County, the sheriff's office says they started getting calls around 10 p.m. Sunday, but like other counties in the area, do not know of any fires nearby and say the smoke is likely coming from Arizona.

Arizona isn't the only state dealing with wildfires right now; three other states bordering Colorado--Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming--also are fighting wildfires.

The national weather service says the fires in Arizona and New Mexico are causing reduced visibility across the southeast part of the state. More haze is expected Tuesday.