Otero County Monitors Arkansas River Level

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Heavy rain has caused the Arkansas River to rise in La Junta. Danny Chavez is the Emergency Manager for Otero County. He's been monitoring the river very closely. Chavez said he keeps an extra eye on north La Junta because that's one of the most troubling areas.

"We are actively out all night checking the river and checking our problem spots...making sure that nothing gets out of hand," said Chavez.

On Tuesday, the county set up a sand bag station at the CO-OP as a precaution. Several people in Otero County came to pick up sand bags in case flooding happened at their house.

A road was shut down at Vine and Main Street in La Junta because of flooding Wednesday.

"We haven't been too worried. This area has the potential to flood. They've done a lot of work in the last couple of years, removing the tamarack and other obstructions to improve the water flood through here, and that proved to be a deciding factor in this flood to keep it from getting out of hand," said Chavez.