Opening Arguments Today in Second Carrier Trial

Opening arguments are expected Tuesday in the second sexual assault trial of a former police officer accused of touching boys and collecting child pornography.

Joshua Carrier, a former Colorado Springs police officer and volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School, was found guilty in April on 21 counts of sexual exploitation and not guilty on 36 counts of touching the boys. The jury was unable to reach a decision on 150 other charges, which will be at the center of the new trial.

Prosecutors recently added six new counts to the list of charges against Carrier, but Wednesday the judge threw out three of the new counts on the basis that the evidence the prosecutors had was already tried in court for Carrier's first trial, and Carrier was found not guilty.

The judge will permit prosecutors to show a new video of images reportedly found on Carrier's computer. The defense argued that the video is essentially the same as the ones introduced in the first trial, and were found by the jury to not be sexual in nature. The judge disagreed and will allow the video to be used.

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