Only On 11 News: Bullet Blasts Into Mother's Home

A Springs mother says at first she didn’t know what happened when a bullet flew through her kitchen window in the wee hours of the morning.

Evie Bivens tells 11 News it’s something you never think will happen to you. But early Thanksgiving morning she woke up to the sound of glass shattering. After investigating, she realized a bullet had gone through the sliding door in her kitchen, shattering the glass, then through her china cabinet into a plate.

"I was thinking it was the cats breaking something, so I came over here and this plate was actually up this way [demonstrates to reporter] and I moved this one aside and said 'how did the cats break that behind there?' Then I saw the hole--and at 12:45 at night, it was scary to see a hole and going 'oh, that's a gunshot'...the bullet was sitting right there on the ledge,” Bivens said, explaining how she made the disturbing discovery.

"My heart was pounding pretty good and I was trying to stay calm while I was talking to police...was saying I was sorry to the dispatcher, that I was twitter-patted, but I was shocked there was a bullet."

Bivens says it was a close call and is thankful her family is safe.

"I'm just thankful that my three kids were not here and I'm glad nothing else was harmed, no people got hurt, and I just hope they find whoever did this so that they don't continue doing this thinking they can get away with it."

The investigation showed the gunshot was not directed towards the house, but instead appeared to be a random shooting and a stray bullet that thankfully didn’t hit anyone.

Right around the time that Bivens found the bullet, police were responding to an armed robbery on her block, the 900 block of East Vermijo. Police are still working to determine if the two incidents are related, but say they have not found a link at this time.

If you have any information about who shot that bullet, you are asked to call police at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.