One Dead In Crash Involving Two Colorado National Guardsmen

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Grieving friends and family of a Colorado National Guardsman killed in a crash Sunday night tell 11 News he was a wonderful father who should have had a bright future ahead of him.

Brandon Burdahl, 27, was with a fellow guardsman Sunday near Monarch Pass when Colorado State Patrol says that guardsman, driver John Schrieber, loss control and drifted into oncoming traffic. Troopers said they were spinning and started to skid sideways when they were broadsided by another pickup. Burdahl died on scene.

State Patrol told us the crash happened just after 6:30 Sunday night. It was on Highway 50 near Monarch Pass, about 20 miles west of Salida.

Burdahl's friends and co-workers says was really smart, funny and a great dad to his two kids.

Greg Strobel was Burdahl's friend and co-worker.

“It was really heartbreaking when I heard this morning," Strobel said Monday.

"He was a great kid, he was always happy, joking around, and he had a great work ethic," Strobel said.

Burdahl was working for Bob Penkhus as an apprentice, hoping to one day become a certified mechanic with Strobel’s help. He said Burdahl just started classes toward that goal.

"I'm praying for his family so that they have the strength to get through these hard times," Strobel offered.

We're told Schreiber, 44, is a Sgt 1st Class with the Colorado National Guard. He and Burdahl were reportedly returning from Montrose after a weekend of National Guard training.

We're working to find out more information about their service and time with the National Guard.

We have several calls into the National Guard; we'll let you know what we find out.