One Arrested after Dispute about Rent

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A dispute over paying rent reportedly escalated to the point that one person may have started firing shots.

It happened shortly before 2:00 a.m. Sunday. A man called police saying two women tried to force their way into his apartment in order to get at a friend who was there.

He was reportedly able to keep them from getting into the apartment in spite of the fact that one of the woman, identified as Kalie Kerr, reportedly pointed a gun at him.

A short time later shots were fired in the parking lot outside the apartment. One of the bullets went into the apartment, but no injuries were reported.

The woman the two suspects were reportedly after in the apartment told police she sought refuge there after Kerr allegedly pointed a gun at her earlier during a dispute with both suspects about rent. The victim and Kerr are reportedly roommates.

Kalie Kerr was arrested and charged with felony menacing.

Police say they have identified the second suspect, but have not yet made an arrest.