School Reopens After Ohio Shooting

CBS/The News-Herald

A difficult day ahead for students at Chardon High School in Ohio, who will return to class for the first time since a teen opened fire in the school cafeteria just five days ago.

Preceding the school's reopening, students and parents marched Thursday from the Chardon town square to the high school as a show of solidarity.

Also on Thursday, charges were filed against the 17-year-old alleged gunman.

T.J. Lane is accused of firing on a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table Monday. Three students have died, while one remains in the hospital, seriously wounded. A fifth student has been released from the hospital.

Lane faces three juvenile counts of aggravated murder, though prosecutors say there is still a chance he'll be tried as an adult.

Many who know Lane are still reeling at the idea that the boy they describe as a "very fine person" could be capable of killing.

"He was a typical 17-year-old," a neighbor told CBS, elaborating that Lane didn't smoke, drink, or do drugs. Other neighbors told CBS that Lane, who came from a troubled home, appeared to have turned his life around after moving in with his grandparents.

Students at Chardon described Lane as a loner, though one noted he hadn't always been like that.

"I remember in middle school he had lots of friends," Nichole Weaver told CBS, adding that she had once been friends with him, until he started showing separation tendencies as a freshman.

"I would go to the cafeteria, he'd be sitting there by himself and I feel like I failed as a friend, because I should have like at least gone up to him and said like, 'How was your day? how are you doing?' and everything," Weaver said.

Motive remains a mystery, as prosecutors and investigators dispute over whether or not the targets were chosen randomly. According to CBS, prosecutors say yes, while investigators believe Lane knew the victims well.

Funeral services begin Friday for the teens killed.