Sneak Peek At Flood Mitigation Projects, Vegetation Regrowth Thursday

Thursday's tour will give a glimpse of what the vegetation looks like now, almost two years after the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The threat of flooding is on the minds of a lot of us here in Southern Colorado, especially those living near the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

The effects from that fire are something those in this area are going to have to live with for years to come.

Nearly two years after that fire broke out, officials are going to allow the media to take a look at some important flood mitigation projects, including the installation of a culvert under Highway 24. The installation has impacted traffic on the highway for the last couple of months. The culvert is designed to prevent the extreme flooding over Highway 24 during the rainy summer season.

The tour Thursday is going to look at stabilization and sediment control projects in the Rainbow Falls and Pyramid Road areas. All of these projects are an effort to prevent dangerous flooding for communities living below the burn scar. It will also be a first-hand look at how the vegetation and landscape has changed since the fire.

Crews have completed the culvert installation on one side of Highway 24, but now have to build the other half of the culvert. Those on the tour will get to see the progress Thursday.