Second Flood Damage Assessment Meeting To Be Held Tuesday

Flooding at Cheyenne Road and Cresta on Sept. 13, 2013. (Credit: Debran Haselwood)

Officials are holding the second in a series of meetings Tuesday addressing flood damage last summer and future prevention measures.

The Pikes Peak region was hammered by a deluge of rain last summer. Roads washed out, bridges floated away and streams flowed through homes.

Officials now want to hear from people who were affected by the flooding last year, both to help fix any lingering problems and to prepare for the possibility of this happening in the future. A series of meetings addressing flooding began last week, open to the public but specifically for people who suffered any kind of flooding damage or erosion. Officials want to hear from those who experienced flooding issues so that the information can be added into an assessment survey and eventually fixed.

The first meeting was held last week primarily for residents living on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. That side of town was heavily flooded last summer, receiving more than a foot of rain in some places.

The second meeting will held Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Chipita Park at Ute Pass Elementary School. That's located at 9230 Chipita Park Rd. This meeting will be for folks affected by flooding of the upper Fountain Creek area. It is again open to the public.

If you experienced creek bank erosion, driveway and culvert erosion, structural damage or flooding in your home, project organizers want to hear from you. They say public input is extremely important.

"We want to look at properties that actually experienced flooding, homes that had water come into them. We want to see what it takes to prevent that from happening in the future," Larry Smalls with the Fountain Creek Watershed said.

"We're just hoping that any owner who feels they need to have attention paid to their property, show up and let us know where they are," Smalls added. "The risk is, if we don't know about it, we can't work a mitigation plan for it. We can't put it into our list of priorities for restoration along the creek.

"Anything that would constitute erosion, sedimentation issues, flooding issues, bank problems, we want to know about all that."