Passengers: Note With 'Bomb' Written On It Grounds Delta Flight

Passengers on board a Delta Airlines plane say the aircraft was grounded after a note with the word "bomb" was found in the back galley.

This kickstarted a surreal evening for the passengers of Flight 1500, who told sister station KCNC that they spent next few hours being sprayed down with water, interviewed by the FBI and otherwise screened until the aircraft was deemed safe.

The aircraft took off from Detroit Friday afternoon, bound for Denver. Passengers told KCNC there was nothing out of the ordinary about the flight until the last 10 minutes.

“You could tell there was something going on right about 10 minutes before we landed…the main airline attendant was moving pretty fast,” a passenger said. “He was almost running up and down the aisles, so I knew something was not right. Then he came on right away and said that something had been found.”

The plane landed at the Denver International Airport 4:40 p.m. and was immediately taken to a remote area. Passengers were sprayed down before exiting, then taken in for hours of FBI interviews while the plane and their luggage were screened. All passengers were screened as well.

“It was my first time flying … so (it was) unexpected,” a passenger told KCNC.

After four hours, the 151 passengers were allowed to get their luggage and reunite with their families.

The FBI has not confirmed if anything was found on the plane or what type of threat was made.