Officials Identify Chemical Used In Poison Meatballs Left At Park

Eight meatballs (pictured) were found at a dog park north of Boulder.

An ingredient used in pesticides and rat poison was what caused dogs in Boulder County to fall ill, investigators have confirmed.

In what appeared to be an intentional attempt to poison dogs, eight meatballs mixed with some sort of toxin were left at Buckingham Park in Gunbarrel in mid-April. The park is popular with dog owners. Three dogs got sick after eating the meatballs off the ground.

The meatballs were sent to a lab at Texas A&M to figure out what kind of poison was used. Investigators determined the meatballs were tainted with the chemical brodifacoum, which is highly toxic to animals. A profile on the toxin says it works by preventing the normal clotting of blood, leading to fatal hemorrhage.

Authorities are still trying to find the person who left the meatballs at the park. There is a currently a $4,600 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

"You don't do this if you're mad," Brandon Weil, whose 6-month-old Golden Retriever ate one of the meatballs, told sister station KCNC. "You tell somebody why you're mad, you don't just poison animals. You just don't do that."