Officials: Coyotes That Attacked Children Had Mange

Two-year-old Raegan with her mother after she was bit by a coyote.

Wildlife officials now know why two coyotes that recently attacked two children at a Springs park were so aggressive.

The children were attacked at Goose Gossage Park near Fillmore and Mark Dabling earlier this month. The mother of a 2-year-old bitten by one of the coyotes told 11 News the park was crowded that day, but the attack happened so quickly no one realized what happened until the coyote was already running back into the woods. The attack was so severe that the girl needed stitches.

The coyotes were killed last week, allowing officials to exam them. Officials say that the coyotes had mange.

Mange is a mite that burrows into the animal's skin. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the condition can lead to hair loss and severe irritation of the skin. In severe cases, mange can lead to aggression, among other symptoms.