Transcript Reveals Confusion Over Ferry Evacuation

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JINDO, South Korea (AP) - Divers finally have found a way into the ferry that sunk off South Korea's southern shore and begun the grim task of recovering bodies.

They have yet to find anyone alive, but they are finding bodies, and the confirmed death toll has reached 58. About 240 people remain missing.

Meanwhile, a transcript of communications with the South Korean ferry details crippling confusion and indecision, with a crew member questioning whether an evacuation was the right move well after the ship began listing dangerously. The crew asked whether passengers would be rescued right away, if they ordered an evacuation. The Jindo Vessel Traffic Services Center replied that patrol boats would arrive in 10 minutes, but didn't mention that another civilian ship said 10 minutes earlier that it would rescue anyone who went overboard.

Many people followed the captain's initial order to stay below deck.