Police Officer Crashes Cruiser Into Business

A police cruiser smashed into a business near the intersection of Colorado and 7th in Colorado Springs Saturday morning.

The accident is still being investigated, but employees tell 11 News they were told the officer fell asleep at the wheel and then crashed into the side of The Grow Store, located on 701 W. Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Police say the officer jumped a curb before hitting the building, but are still investigating what caused the officer to crash. The Police Department is currently looking into whether the officer did fall asleep while driving, or if the crash was related to any possible medical issues.

No one was injured in the crash.

11 News talked to employee Kyle Brown, who shared pictures of the accident with us. He was called in early Saturday morning.

“I just felt shocked just seeing a cop car wrecked into The Grow Store. It was just crazy...shocked,” said Brown.

He showed us the damage to the building. The patrol car destroyed the wall of the business and ruined bags of soil they had inside. The damage is expected to cost the business thousands of dollars.

Crews spent all day cleaning up the mess and rebuilding the wall that they finished constructing just hours before the crash occurred.

The workers tell us they are just glad no one was hurt.

"If someone would have been there it could have been way worse, and if the soil wouldn't have been there...I think he ran straight through the store, because that soil weighs about 2,000 pounds and it's soft, so I think it cushioned it. So I'm glad that was there,” Brown said.

Right now we can’t get an answer from police about whether or not the officer will be cited for the accident.

We will be sure to stay on top of this story and let you know what happens with the investigation.