Observant Neighbor Helps Catch Burglary Suspects

A sharp-eyed neighbor helped police catch two burglary suspects late Thursday night.

According to Springs police, the witness, a resident of the Fireside Apartments on Murray, spotted two men lurking around a nearby unit a little after 11 p.m. He noticed one of the suspects carrying a crowbar, then heard the sound of breaking glass.

The suspects later approached the witness after briefly leaving the unit, and tried to explain that they knew his neighbor. The witness told them he had already called police, prompting them to leave immediately. The witness watched as they drove away and took down as much of their license plate as he could.

Thanks to the witness, responding officers able to catch the suspects after spotting an SUV with a plate matching what the witness provided, speeding away from the apartment complex. After pulling the SUV over, the witness was contacted to identify the men inside.

Juan Rangel and Serafin Salgado were both arrested on burglary charges. Police have not identified which man was behind the wheel, but say that suspect also received a DUI charge.