ONLY ON 11 NEWS: Woman Saves Victim In AutoZone Shooting

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It's the story we haven't heard yet from the AutoZone shooting: how one woman helped save a life.

Lisa tells 11 News she was the only customer in the AutoZone on that night that the accused gunman, Ernest Schmidt shot and killed one man and shot another man, Don LaRoe. It happened last Wednesday.

"I was there for a reason and that reason was Don," she said.

Still fresh in her head, Lisa remembers Don LaRoe, and a night that changed her life.

After a family dinner, Lisa stopped at AutoZone to pick up some parts. She's done it many times, but this time would be different.

Lisa heard a man yell that someone was in his van, and then she heard a gunshot.

Lisa said she got the man in the building and got him down behind the counter. "Then, I took care of him and got him calmed down, putting pressure on his wound or wounds," she said.

That man was Don LaRoe. Once Lisa got him inside, she had only one thing on her mind: to keep him alive.

"I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him, I was so afraid if I did I would lose him and I didn’t want to," Lisa cried as she retold the story.

Lisa waited inside the store for police. Her mother, Linda, was outside waiting in a separate car. She had seen her daughter's truck in the parking lot so she knew Lisa was there.

"You just don’t know there are a thousand thoughts going through your head I was just trying not to focus on it could be bad," Linda said.

After hours of waiting, she was finally able to see her daughter. Both Linda and Lisa described that moment as one they'll never forget.

"I whispered in her ear I saved a man's life and then I started crying and she started crying. Even my brother started crying,” Lisa said.

"I said I’m proud of you. I said you did something that not to many people could have done,” Linda said.

Don LaRoe was rushed to the hospital that night and is now listed in good condition.