Northeast Digging Out Of Storm

Residents throughout New England are trying to dig out from one of the worst blizzards the region has seen.

At least five people have died during the blizzard, including two children. One child, an 8-year-old boy, died in a Brooklyn apartment fire started by a spark from a space heater. The other child, an 11-year-old boy from Boston, died when he was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes as he sat in a car.

Emergency crews are attempting to clear the roads that are under up to 3 feet of snow. At its worst, the storm knocked out power to nearly 650,000 homes and businesses. Utility crews have made gains on the weather, restoring power to approximately 400,000 of those customers.

Some schools have announced that there will be no classes on Monday. Travel bans are still in effect throughout much of the region.

During the storm, a couple in Worcester, Mass. had to deliver a baby in their own home with the help of rescue workers and the National Guard.

A Farmington, Conn. man used the occasion to propose to his girlfriend. Matt Sara wrote “Will you marry me?” in the snow banks with food coloring. She said yes.