No Leads In Memorial Park Shooting

The setting seemed cut and dry: gunfire was heard at Memorial Park Thursday evening, then an injured man was seen on the ground.

Confusion erupted when it was determined man who was down had not been shot at all--he didn't even seem to have obvious injuries, though he was taken to the hospital. Authorities determined later he may have been involved in an unrelated fight at the same time as the shooting.

Police recovered the weapon, reportedly from a porta-potty, and found shell casings to back up the reports of shots being fired. They still have no leads on a suspect. That's worrying the parents who bring their kids to the park.

"I got two little kiddos that are 1 and 2, it definitely rattles you a little bit," Kyle Schubert, who heard the gunfire, told 11 News.

Some witnesses told police they saw a man "barreling" down the street immediately after the shots were heard. K-9s searched the area, but didn't find any sign of the suspect.

Schubert said the incident makes him feel uneasy, but that's he's gotten used to "weirdo stuff" happening at the park, particularly at night.

If you have any information on this incident, contact Colorado Springs police right away.