No Charges Filed Against Young Mother

There’s a new development to a strange story we’ve been telling you about all week.

Colorado Springs police say no charges will be filed against a young mother who claimed she found a baby in the dumpster.

It turns out the baby was her own and she was hiding her pregnancy from her family.

Police say the baby was never in the dumpster and was not injured. The girl gave birth on December 6, then claimed to find the baby to explain her sudden presence.

The 17-year-old told a neighbor that she had found the child. It happened at an apartment complex off Garden of the Gods and Nevada.

Police were called and quickly learned the infant, who was only 6 to 12 hours old, was actually hers.

Neighbors we talked to were shocked about the false story, but thankful that the baby was no real danger.

Because she lied to police officers about finding the baby, she could have faced a felony for influencing a public official or a misdemeanor for false reporting.

But police say right now she won’t face any criminal charges.

We’re told the mother does not have custody of the child. The teen is working with the Department of Human Services.

So what happens to the baby?

Ultimately we’re told it’s up to a judge.

Instead of criminal courts the case has been turned over to civil courts, that’s why she isn’t facing any criminal charges right now.

Investigators thought the case would be best handled in civil court.

The judge could require the mother to do things, such as take parenting classes to get the child back. Or it could be put into foster care.

You can count on 11 News to stay on top of this story and let you know what happens to the baby girl.