Newest Fountain Police Dogs Make Their Debut

Amp and Prime are introduced.

There are a couple of new police dogs on the job in one southern Colorado city.

The Fountain Police Department introduced K-9s Prime and Amp Thursday. Prime is a replacement for another police dog, who had to retire because of an illness.

Excited to be making their debut, the new police dogs bounced around, alternately whining and chomping on chew toys. But when the time came to demonstrate their skills, Prime and Amp were all business. Both dogs are trained to do several different jobs, including detecting drugs and helping to catch suspects.

The department's newest canine crimefighters will have their work cut out for them: the police department says that with Fountain growing in population, they are getting more and more calls for service.

"It's an asset that we love having," one of the officers said about Prime and Amp. "They definitely help with our patrol services."