New Allegations Against Local Police Officer

11 News has obtained the arrest affidavit for a Colorado Springs police officer arrested for allegedly buying child pornography.

In the affidavit, detectives say they were tipped off that police officer Joshua Carrier had purchased access to child pornography web sites, and that his e-mail was linked to the purchase.

When a search warrant of Carrier's home was executed, investigators say they found DVDs containing pornographic content located next to Carrier's bed. The DVDs involved both male and female juveniles between 8 and 12 years of age. There were also allegedly nude pictures of children found on his laptop computer.

The paperwork was held until Wednesday, the day Carrier was scheduled to be advised of the charges against him.

“We are very committed to due process and so we are going to make sure that it occurs, but at the same time, when the community needs to know, we're going to get that information out there," said police spokesperson Sgt. Steve Noblitt Wednesday.

Investigators are still looking into the case and allegations against Carrier. The completed reports will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s office before official charges are filed.

"CSPD is committed to doing a thorough investigation regardless of who the subject of the investigation is," Noblitt said.

Local boys are now coming forward alleging inappropriate conduct.

Carrier was a school resource officer at Horace Mann Middle School and the school's wrestling coach confirms Carrier was a volunteer coach for the wrestling team.

Two students have reported to police that Carrier touched him and other members of the school's wrestling team inappropriately.

When parents at Horace Mann Middle School were told their children would be checked for ringworm, they say they never expected this.

"He would actually take us into his own office one by one and touch us and look at us and stuff," says one of the students.

"We were told ahead of time they would be checked but we had no idea as to the extent," says the student's father.

The boy's father says the school told them it would be done in the locker room by the coach and the boys would be wearing their underwear. But his son's description of what happened is very different.

He says they were brought into Carrier's office alone and asked to take off their clothes and then were touched by Carrier on their private parts.

"At first I thought it was normal," says the son.

It wasn't until after Carrier was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child that the boy thought he needed to tell his parents how the "check" had been done. They immediately contacted police.

"I started talking with some of the other parents and we started comparing stories from the kids and that's when we decided we better start talking about this," the father tells 11 News.

He goes on to say meeting with the police is just the beginning and they plan to do whatever it takes to make sure this never happens again.

"I feel let down because the school is supposed to be responsible for keeping our kids safe," the father says.

11 News also spoke to another parent of another student who gave a similar account of what allegedly happened with Josh Carrier. That student gave his account to authorities.

"The volunteer police officer would have him drop his drawers and tell him he was there for another check," said his mother, who asked 11 News to protect her identity.

“I want this to stop, and I don't want other kids to have to go through this," she said.

Police confirm they know about the allegations but they can't comment further because this is part of the ongoing investigation. Carrier is facing a charge of sexual exploitation of children.

Carrier is expected to make his first appearance in court on May 24.