New Trial Denied For Dad Convicted Of Murdering Children

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The man who set his house on fire and killed his three kids will not get a new trial.

Timothy Nicholls asked for a new trial on the grounds of "ineffective counsel". A judge denied that request Wednesday.

We talked to one mom, Marisa Florez, who was a former friend of theirs. Florez said she was with Tim's wife Deborah Nicholls the night their home burned with their three children inside. Knowing that Tim Nicholls' one and only chance was denied, makes her feel like this horrific saga is finally over.

Nicholls was found guilty in 2007. He set his house on fire on Undimmed Circle in Colorado Springs in 2003 and killed his three children for insurance money. He was received three life sentences.

Late last year Nicholls asked for the new trial, saying his attorney didn't do a good job, but again, a judge denied that request Wednesday.

The children were 3-year-old Sierra, 5-year-old Sophia, and 11-year-old Jay. The coroner said they all died of smoke inhalation.

"Heartbreaking, crushing, speechless, everything," Florez said about the children’s deaths.

Florez said she was with Deborah that night in March of 2003. They were at a bar drinking and hanging out.

"I've replayed that night in my head hundreds of times and keep trying to figure out if there was a sign that we missed or anything...she was no different than every single night we went out," Florez said.

Nicholls' wife Deborah was also convicted in the murders. She also received three consecutive life sentences.