New State Website Aims To Answer Questions About Legal Pot Use

With the new pot laws come questions about the ramifications of legalized pot.

The state of Colorado has launched a new website to help address some of these questions.

Questions those behind the website hope to answer include:

· What are the long-term health impacts of marijuana use?
· Is marijuana more harmful to adolescents than adults?
· Is it legal to consume marijuana in public places?
· Can a person be charged for driving under the influence of marijuana?
· Is it safe to eat or drink marijuana-infused products?
· How do I talk to my child about marijuana?

Topics on the website will range from long-term health impacts, to safe use of marijuana, to driving while impaired.

According to a release from the state public health department, the website features "current, research-based information and resources from the Colorado departments of Transportation, Education, Revenue, Human Services, and Public Health and Environment."

To view the website, visit the link on the side of the page.