New Social Media Policy For School District

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District 20 in Colorado Springs has implemented a new policy involving social media, like Facebook.

We contacted several school districts in Colorado Springs and Pueblo; District 20 is the only one we talked to that has a set policy and rule. The other districts have guidelines, suggestions and recommendations, and all of them added that their policies are constantly under review.

This specific policy regarding social media and District 20 staff went into effect on January 1. District 20 staff members cannot interact with students using their personal social media accounts.

The district is going a step further, saying staff members cannot email, text or instant message to discuss any non-school related issues with students. Staff members violating this new rule could be fired.

We talked to parents who, for the most part, agreed with the district's new rule.

"I think there should be a professional relationship between teacher and student, and I think that blurs the line a little bit when they can be friends on Facebook," local mom Heidi Flight said.

"I think teacher-student relationships should be just at school. Other than if it's sports, maybe at a sporting event, but other that (shakes head no)," local dad Howard Fix added.

The district is allowing teachers to create classroom pages on Facebook where teachers and students may discuss things pertaining to the class there.

See attached document to read the District 20 social media policy