New Shooting Center Holds Groundbreaking Event

A crowd of 500 or more was expected Saturday at the Colorado Springs Magnum Shooting Center groundbreaking event.

At this time, we haven't received a final tally on how many showed up, but when 11 News got there at the start of the event, the place was buzzing with activity. The founder of shooting center, located off Bass Pro Drive, said there was a lot of excitement ahead of the event.

"We expect somewhere between 500 and 1,000 people, Kim Shugart told 11 News at a preview Friday. "It’s way more than when we first started planning our groundbreaking party but there’s an awful lot of excitement, which we’re pretty excited about ourselves.

"We started planning magnum shooting center well over a year ago and we wanted to bring what we would be a first class shooting facility to Colorado Springs. World class."

Shugart said the shooting center will bring 30-50 jobs to Colorado Springs, as well as 100 construction jobs during the building of the 33,000 square foot facility.

Shugart has high hopes for the shooting center, which she says she hopes will be the first of many in Colorado Springs.

"Our headquarters will be here in Colorado Springs. Our partners are local Colorado Springs guys and gals, and we're just excited to be doing this.

"We’re excited about building a shooting center that’s truly community focused, family friendly. Our motto is 'Learn right. Be safe. Shoot well.'"