New Scam Targeting Springs Business Owners

Police say that at least seven times in recent months, Colorado Springs businesses were contacted by someone purporting to be with Colorado Springs Utilities.

In the most recent instance, which happened Thursday, police say a man called a business owner and warned her that she had 15 minutes to make a payment on her utilities account, or the utilities would be cut off. The caller identified himself as being with CSU's Disconnect Office.

Police say the caller then told the woman that the only way to make a payment was to buy a prepaid card and then read him the number on the back. The would-be victim called CSU, who told her it was a scam.

Investigators found six other times where a business had received a similar call. Police say in some of those cases, the victim did buy a prepaid card and send the scammer money.

Police advise the public that if on the receiving end of this type of call, not to give money or personal information to the caller, even if the caller has the correct utility account information. Instead, hang up and call Colorado Springs Utilities directly at 448-4800.