Caught On Tape: New Scam Claims Relative Is In Danger

A teenager tells 11 News she almost fell for a scam because it was so believable.

Here's how it works: the caller tells the victim a loved one has been in a serious crash and is being held hostage for ransom.

It's a scam that has been making the rounds in El Paso County over the past few weeks. Springs police say they continue to get reports from Springs residents receiving the call.

Maty says what was so scary about the call was that the caller knew she was in the house--making her think he may have been watching her.

While she was on the phone, Maty came to a Colorado Springs police substation and signaled to officers that something was wrong. An officer grabbed a recorder so she could tape the conversation.

"Just let me know what you're gonna do, if you're gonna follow my orders let me know, if not then I gotta do what I gotta do. That's it, and we'll finish this following immediately."

The scammer was adamant about getting $2,000 from Maty in exchange for her brother's life.

"Okay Jason, go downstairs and do what you gotta do to her brother."

It all started around 6:30 Monday morning when Maty got a call on her cell phone. The man on the phone said her older brother had been in a car crash.

"Your brother gave me your phone number and told me to call you."

The suspect told her police could not get involved because the man her brother got into a crash with is a gang member.

"He's like, 'He sells drugs and like will kill your brother if you call the cops,'" Maty recalled.

Maty was instructed to drive towards I-25 and he would tell her what to do next.

But Maty instead went to a Colorado Springs substation. On her way over, she realized it was a scam. The scammer eventually hung up on Maty.

Maty says that after she got home, she saw a suspicious vehicle outside her house. The driver then sped out of the neighborhood, almost losing control of the vehicle.

The caller ID was from Massachusetts. 11 News tried calling the number, but no one answered. There was also no voicemail.

If you get a call like this, call police right away.