New Salaries For Colorado Springs City Workers

More than 1,100 Colorado Springs city employees are going to face changes in their salaries.

City Council approved $400,000 in back pay to compensate for the new salary rates.

What this decision means is that the city is trying to standardize salaries for each position. Every position will have a salary range.

City Council officials say because of Tuesday's vote, up to 150 employees are up for a pay raise. But on the other hand, the pay range for certain employees are locked in, so an employee who has been working for the city for years could make the same amount as a new hire.

"There was a lot of discussion beforehand; this is the second reading so we got educated, came to a compromise and I think that's why it passed today," said Don Knight with the Colorado Springs City Council.

Employees who are currently making more money than their new salary range will not have their pay docked to match the new standards, but will not be eligible for a raise for several years.

The new changes are retroactive back to April 1, 2013.

The salaries of individual city employees, city attorney's assistants, city auditor's assistants and appointed officers are set to change.

Examples of Salary Changes:

- Hourly rate for chief of staff will go from around $79.33 in 2012 to $72.98

- Minimum monthly rate for the police chief will go from $10,313 to 11,396.93.

- Minimum monthly rate for the fire chief will go from $9,844 to $10,267.

- Minimum monthly rate for the municipal court clerk will go from $2,646 to $3,130.59

- Minimum monthly rate for an office assistant will go from $2,243 to $2,034.67.

- Minimum monthly rate for an accounting technician will go from $2,935 to $2,634.95.