New Program Announced To Help Homeless

Aztec Motel

A big change is in the works on how Homeward Pikes Peak will be helping the homeless.

They announced on Thursday that they will be focusing on women who have kids, and are suffering from substance abuse problems.

Under this new program, those women will be able to get the help they need, while keeping their kids with them.

The Department of Human Services will be involved in the program.

Homeward Pikes Peak wants to house this new program at the Aztec Motel, near Platte and Union on the eastern side of Colorado Springs.

For the last four years, that has been a place for homeless people to stay and get help.

It will be shutting down November 15th and will undergo major renovations.

We're told there is a need for this new program.

"We're seeing a lot of women with kids who come in and they're masking a substance addiction" said Bob Holmes, the CEO of Homeward Pikes Peak.

They are working to line up funding for this program, and hope to get it up and running by the beginning of next year.

They will be able to help about 20 women and their kids.