New Photos Of Missing Boy

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Investigators have released surveillance pictures of Dylan Redwine, the 13-year-old Colorado Springs boy who disappeared while visiting his dad near Durango for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The pictures were taken at the airport and Walmart in Durango on November 18, the day before he disappeared.

Investigators hope by seeing his clothes, somebody might remember seeing him.

In both photos, Dylan is wearing a blue baseball cap with a white front panel with the words “Duke Blue Devils” in blue on the white panel, a black, short-sleeved T-shirt with the large letters “DC” (possibly in grey) on the front within a thin light-colored square border around the DC logo, a pair of black basketball shorts that went below the knee with light-colored (possibly light blue and white) stripes on the sides; and black “Jordan” shoes with a white tongue and white shoelace area.

Anyone with information that may help in the search for Dylan are asked to leave a voicemail message on the Dylan Redwine Tip Line at 970-382-7511.